Oracle Card Readings


Card laying has a centuries-long tradition. In the past, simple playing cards were usually used for this. Today there is a large variety of card decks that can be used for these (sensitive) readings. Card laying has found its place in every society, even in today’s tech-savvy world. In my shamanic energy medicine work, especially when it come to the location determination and the options that are already created in our energy field, I have discovered my passion for oracle map work. Whether it is about the work of consciousness with clients in change processes or simply about the potentials of the near time – card laying is fun, opens the senses to intuition, serves entertainment and inspiration. In my Youtube channel I publish continuously, e.g. monthly for all zodiac signs, souls.Oracle layings for the collective. If you would like to have a reading for personal concerns and questions, you are welcome to contact me via email and we will arrange an appointment via Skype.


Personal video message

I offer you the opportunity to receive a laying on a personal question, in a video created for you personally. Contact me by mail and ask your question ( I will then contact you and send you the download link to your soul oracle video message via PayPal or TWINT within 5 days after energy balance.

(Currently only in German)