How I work

«…Shamanic energy medicine work requires the willingness to usually engage in a longer process… » 

I accompany you with the aim of getting back into your own strength, fullness and joie de vivre. Each client is unique, each session is unique. Depending on the question with which a person finds me, I feel my way into the situation and recognize with my trained clairvoyants which treatment method, which application it needs now in order to be able to accompany optimally.With my well-founded experience in shamanic energy medicine, my many years of training as a medium and spiritual healer, I have a wide range of possibilities, which I can combine situationally, individually. In the case of psychosomatic and psychosocial diseases, energy medicine measures are usually in the foreground, whereby I bring the energy field (aura) of the client back into balance so that symptoms disappear and healing can take place. In life crises and at life stage thresholds, aura readings and card laying help to recognize paths again and to be able to look forward courageously. I am often confronted with complex situations where issues of origin, traumatic experiences (also from previous incarnations) and destructive lifestyles lead to dead ends, where I accompany clients to self-healing. As a shaman with training according to Alberto Villoldo (Peru/USA) I work with consecrated stones, crystals, incense, rattles, feathers and for diagnostics and control with pendulum, tensor and kinesiological muscle tests. In media sessions, I work according to the rules of evidential mediality and with trance techniques. With each initial contact, we first conduct a short preliminary discussion. The treatments can take place on site in my practice in Bad Zurzach or as an equally effective remote treatment via Zoom/Skype.

Shamanism (Shamanic Energy Medicine) is very old, while (Western) science is relatively new. The spiritual traditions of shamans use an archaic language for what we now call neuroscience. This means that what they call «enlightenment» is for us in the modern world optimal brain function or the ability to create psychosomatic health. Enlightenment has nothing to do with organized religion. Enlightenment is an ancient science available to all people of all faiths.

Shamanic individual treatment: 
Sometimes it is enough to treat yourself to an individual lesson at regular intervals. This can be done on site or as remote treatment. For remote treatments, I use modern work equipment, such as telephone, video conferencing, messenger apps, etc. Depending on the topic, the form of treatment (e.B. illumination; Extraction; Soul-Retrieval, Cord Cutting, Divination; etc.). I explain the procedure individually and personally.

Shamanic 12-week program: Ideally and in order to achieve a sustainable effect, a shamanic energy work accompaniment is used over a longer period of time.  Experience shows that repressed, old traumas and healing-related aspects only gradually come to light. The 12-week program leads through the entire shamanic medicine wheel and can thus unfold a health-promoting effect. In a preliminary discussion, we clarify your topics and needs as well as the desired result and set 12-15 treatment dates. Some of these appointments take place in practice and, depending on the possibility and agenda, also as a remote treatment. We define how this works and which treatment modules are used on the basis of the preliminary discussion. 

Spiritual healing: 

«…Experience the warmth and the incoming lightness of a contact healing or trance healing – ancient, universal healing practice for the new time…»

In spiritual healing, the spirit world works through me on the «software» of the client, works on the activation mechanisms of the self-healing powers, i.e. processes the energy states of a person, or activates them and brings the energy systems in the direction or completely back into the original balance. The therapist can give no guarantee of success, no promise of success, because every person can basically only heal himself. Specifically, I connect with the spirit world for contact healings and trance healings in a meditative state and then for a certain time, which is usually 20 minutes, I am (connecting) channel and let the healing energy flow through me to the client. I usually touch, and we discuss this beforehand, with one hand lightly the neck or the back of the head area, where important meridian points of the central nervous system are located, which are also used in craniosacral therapy. There is always a short preliminary interview, whereby I do not have to know the client’s complaints. And of course, the treatment is concluded with a follow-up consultation, where then usually also supplementary supplements, such as a proxy for the continuation with a remote healing or another appointment for e.g. an aura reading can be.

Sensitive Readings (Aura Readings): 
«The basis for this is that everything is stored in the luminous energy field LEF (the aura) and is also readable. I like to explain this in such a way that the aura is actually the software of man… «

The sensitive consultations are, for example, about determining the current situation for the areas of life of vocations, relationships, love, family and personal well-being. Sometimes there are moments when you get stuck, get stuck, can’t see the solution for the next possible steps or for dormant potentials yourself. Old topics and entanglements from the past can also be viewed with sensitive advice and the way to reappraisal can be prepared. The basis for this is that everything is stored in the luminous energy field LEF (the aura) and is also readable. I like to explain this in such a way that the aura is actually the software of humans (and animals and plants – everything has a LEF) and programs, characteristics and peculiarities can be recognized via it and, in the case of blockages and complaints, can also be influenced by it. I work with different methods. I have trained clairvoyances, which let me see and locate in the aura, e.g. colors, energy density, blockages. I translate this into language and describe and tell about it in personal versus conversations. I make a colored aura picture during the conversation, which I then interpret and explain. 

Media Readings: 
«…Experience the healing power of contact with deceased loved ones…»

During a media reading, I contact a deceased person you knew and describe him. I describe character traits, appearance, living situation, cause of death, etc., as well as – and this is what it is all about – messages can also be conveyed and possibly also open points between you and the deceased person can be clarified. As a client, you only answer my statements with «Yes», «No» or «I can understand». A medium or media consultant sees itself as a transmitter of messages from the otherworldly, non-material world. The messages flow into the session in the form of inner images, as spoken words, through intuitive knowledge or through physical/emotional feeling. It is important to me that I do not receive any personal belongings or information before reading. It is also important to know that media reading does not solve any professional, partnership or other life problems. A media reading is useful if there are still open topics to be dealt with with a deceased person or if you suffer greatly from the death of your loved one!

Detox/nutritional support: 
The first thing we do is to repair the brain so that we can stop creating psychosomatic diseases and start creating psychosomatic health.In the meantime, it has been well researched that for a long health and a vital life we should switch our diet to sugar-free, gluten-free, low-dairy, high-protein and high-fat diets. In addition, stress is the number one health killer. With a targeted diet, spiritual exercises and personal care measures, e.B. (research studies) can substantially reduce and avoid the risks of Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cell mutation disease. 

Independent self-medication:
The more I deal with the practice of healing in the spiritual sense, I realize how important it is for clients (and also for myself) to address and offer supposedly unspiritual topics such as nutrition and self-medication free of side effects. Since basically everything is energy and nutrition is therefore energy supply or energy exchange, in a holistic therapy view it is very important what we eat, how this affects body (symptoms) and mind energetically and what potentials can arise in a sustainable behavior change and what parapharmaceutical possibilities exist for the treatment of complaints without having to consult a conventional physician and without industrial pharmaceuticals , manufactured according to the current procedures. It is clear that in my statement I exclude situations of acute trauma, which necessarily require a massive intervention with Western conventional medicine and associated pharmacy! The offer that I integrate integrally into my treatments is the information about the possibilities of self-medication  with homeopathic preparations, Bach flowers, Schüssler salts, envelopes and ointments with ingredients from nature, which are not subject to any distribution restrictions. 

Being allowed to die consciously / Assisted dying: Dying is only a transformation, a transition from the material, earthly world to the state of mind, to the spirit world, to «heaven». In the process, the energy body (soul) detaches from its physical body. Ancient cultures have always known the importance of this process. In the Western world, this was largely lost over time. We know a lot about childbirth, but little about conscious dying. The Shamanic Medical Men and Women know tools and rituals to accompany the conscious transition. This support can be experienced when the farewell is announced, in the last hour and even after death.If interested, I will explain the procedure in a preliminary discussion.