Shamanic Energy Medicine

Valentin Lüthi . Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner .
Mediumistic Coach. Health Coach

Would you like to invest in your health, possibly using spiritual healing treatments in addition to your previous therapy? Are you going in circles in a decision-making process and are you stuck? Do you want to look inside yourself and take inspiration from new career paths or private ones? Perhaps old patterns and traumatic experiences stand in the way of a fulfilling life? As a certified practitioner in energy medicine, I am in the lineage and tradition of the Quero doctors of the Peruvian Andes and integrated into the "society of the four winds" of Alberto Villoldo. My work essentially includes four areas: energy medicine/shamanic health work, detox and nutritional support, dying shamanic support for conscious letting go at the end of earthly life as well as coaching/healing work with sensitive/psychic readings.

Shamanism (shamanic energy medicine) is very old, while (Western) science is relatively recent. The spiritual traditions of shamans use archaic language for what we now call neuroscience. This means that what they call "enlightenment" is for us, in the modern world, optimal brain function or the ability to create psychosomatic health. Enlightenment has nothing to do with organized religion. Enlightenment is an ancestral science and available to all men of all faiths.


Card reading, known as cartomancy, has a centuries-old tradition. In the past, simple playing cards were mainly used for this. Today, there is a wide variety of card games that can be used for these (sensitive) readings. Card reading has found its place in all societies, even in today's technological world. I discovered my passion for oracle card work in my shamanic energy medicine work, especially when it comes to determining one's position and the options that are already available in our energy field. Whether it's raising awareness with customers in change processes or simply the potential of the near future – card reading is fun, opens the senses to intuition, serves as entertainment and inspiration. In my YouTube channel(https://youtube.com/channel/UCPzGCzPv0Fmf_TalRhlzt5A),I publish continuously, e.g. monthly for all zodiac signs, souls, oracle readings for the collective. If you would like to have a reading for personal concerns and questions, you can contact me by email"seelenorakel@valentinluethi.com"and we will make an appointment via Skype

Momentum presentation at the moment

"In the drunkenness of positif": For the current occasion, I produced a 30-minute pulse talk to show simple ways to strengthen our immune system and stay healthy and vital. 80% of our immune system relies on healthy digestion, our microbiota, the gut! I also have a simple leaflet for supplementation (taking the main vitamins, minerals, antioxidants here to download

Long. Life. DETOX

Live a long and healthy life for yourself – create health – start
now! In this video, you will learn the latest findings of the work
by Dr. Alberto Villoldo (One Spirit Medicine), Dr. Bruce Lipton (epigenetics) and Dr. MarcHymann (Broken Brain) and receive practical instructions for the important detoxification of the digestive system and brain. Health begins in the gut. After a few days, you will feel much more vital and energetic. Invest 45 minutes in your health and then decide if you want to buy the Long program.Live.Detox well thought out and accompanied. If you order the LONG program. Life. DETOX, you will receive all necessary supplements (vitamins/antioxidants/minerals), the ebook and instructions including starter capsules for Saccharomices Boulardii in a single package per mail.

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