Spiritual Healing

“…Experience the warmth and incoming lightness of a contact-healing or trance-healing – ancient, universal healing practice for the new time…”

During spiritual healing, the spiritual world works through me on the client’s “software”, processes the energy states of a person via the activation mechanisms of the self-healing powers, or activates them and brings the energy systems back in the direction or completely back into their original balance. The therapist cannot guarantee success or promise success because every person can basically only heal themselves. Specifically, for contact healings and trance healings, I connect myself to the spirit world in a meditative state and then for a certain time, which is usually 20 minutes, I am a (connection) channel and let the healing energy flow through me to the client. In doing so, I usually touch, and we will discuss this beforehand, lightly with one hand on the neck or the back of the head, where important meridian points of the central nervous system are located, which are also used in craniosacral therapy. There is always a short preliminary talk, whereby I don’t need to know the client’s complaints. And, of course, the treatment is concluded with a follow-up discussion, where there are usually additional supplements, such as a proxy for continuing with a distant healing or another appointment for e.g. an aura reading or an incastone massage.