Remote Sessions

“… Remote work via phone, Skype, Facetime, Messenger, Whatsapp is a proven method for people who do not want to arrive or are location-bound for other reasons…”

From modern quantum physics we not only know that “matter” as it shows itself to us as a human body, for example, is actually “only” energy in different arrangements and densities, and that in healing work, be it pharmacy or spiritual-energetic treated, the energy states are influenced and that this can also happen independent of time and space. This has been shown by quantum teleportation research in technical areas and it can thus be simplified to explain why and how remote healing works in spiritual healing. In addition to contact healing or if no meeting can take place, the healing energy can also be impregnated or transferred to an object, e.g. a handkerchief, or for children, the favorite cuddly toy. It works :-).

All shamanic treatment processes (1 session 90 minutes) can also be done remotely. It is possible to participate interactively in a One2One session via telephone, Skype, Facetime, Messenger, etc. This is a tried and tested method for people who do not want to travel or who are restricted to a particular location for other reasons.