"…For the One.Day.Eagle.Coaching we spend a whole day outdoors in nature…"

Sometimes we get out of balance and it is good to get accompaniment that can listen to us, mirror us and support us to bring visions and dreams for the way forward. For the "One.Day.Eagle.Coaching" we spend a whole day outdoors in nature. We go to the mountains, do a tandem paragliding flight together. Experience us and our lives from an eagle's perspective. This frees us from the limits. You take a step out of your comfort zone, experience something completely new, a new perspective. In preparation, we will meet for an exchange where you can tell as much as necessary about the topic that is currently blocking you or on which you want to work. On the coaching day, we combine experience, nature and coaching techniques from Shamanic Energy Medicine in order to recognize the possibilities for a living, fulfilled future and to be able to integrate them sustainably into everyday life.