Mediumistic Readings

“…Experience the healing power of contact with deceased loved ones…”

During a Mediumistic Reading, I get in touch with a deceased person you knew and describe him or her. I describe character traits, appearance, living situation, cause of death, etc., as well as – and this is what it is essentially about – messages can also be transmitted and possibly also open points between you and the deceased person can be clarified. As a client, you only answer my statements with “Yes”, “No” or “I can understand”. A medium or mediumistic coach sees himself as a transmitter of messages from the spiritual world. The messages flow into the session in the form of inner images, as spoken words, through intuitive knowledge or through physical / emotional awareness. It is important to me that I do not receive any personal items or information before the reading. It is also important to know that a mediumistic reading does not solve any professional, partnership or other life problems. A mediumistic reading is useful if there are still open topics to be dealt with with a deceased person or if you suffer a lot from the death of the loved one!