Long. Life. Detox

« …The detox program according to the instructions of Alberto Villodo’s “Grow a new Body” as a complete package with instructions for the German-speaking world…»

Live a long, healthy life for yourself – create health – start now! In this video you will learn the latest findings from the work of Dr. Alberto Villoldo (One Spirit Medicine), Dr. Bruce Lipton (epigenetics) and Dr. Marc Hymann (Broken Brain) and receive practical instructions for the important detoxification of the digestive system and the brain. Health starts in the gut. After a few days you will feel much more vital and energized. Invest 45 minutes for your health and then decide afterwards whether you want to treat yourself to the well thought-out, accompanied Long.Live.Detox program. (German language only)

If you order the LONG.LIFE.DETOX program, you will receive all the necessary supplements (vitamins / antioxidants / minerals), the e-book and the instructions including starter capsules for Saccharomices Boulardii in one package by post.

Important: Long.Life.Detox is a nutritional consultation and is carried out at the client’s own risk. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants used are exclusively free-trade food supplements. If you are feeling physically or psychologically bad and you have problems, please have this clarified by a qualified doctor and only carry out the proposed detox under the supervision of a medically authorized specialist (doctor).