Energy medicine healing practices

"…Shamanic energy medicine work requires a willingness to engage in a longer process…" 

I accompany you with the aim of getting back into your own strength, fullness and joie de vivre. With various working techniques, I treat you during illness and crisis situations, so that you can gradually create your own health. I practice shamanic energy work in the tradition of the Peruvian Andean shamans, who already had techniques to maintain and promote health thousands of years ago. I work in the international network (four wind society) of Dr. Alberto Villoldo, USA and am committed to professionalism and quality.

Detox/nutritional support: The first thing we do is to repair the brain so that we can stop creating psychosomatic diseases and start creating psychosomatic health.In the meantime, it has been well researched that for a long health and a vital life we should switch our diet to sugar-free, gluten-free, low-dairy, high-protein and high-fat diets. In addition, stress is the number one health killer. With a targeted diet, spiritual exercises and personal care measures, e.B. (research studies) can substantially reduce and avoid the risks of Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cell mutation disease. 

12-week program: Ideally, and in order to achieve a lasting effect, a shamanic energy work accompaniment is used over a longer period of time.  Experience shows that repressed, old traumas and healing-related aspects only gradually come to light. The 12-week program runs through the entire shamanic medicine wheel and can thus have a health-promoting effect. In a preliminary discussion, we clarify your topics and needs as well as the desired result and set 12-15 treatment dates. Some of these appointments take place in practice and, depending on the possibility and agenda, also as a remote treatment. We define how this works and which treatment modules are used on the basis of the preliminary discussion. 

Individual treatment: Sometimes it is enough to treat yourself to an individual lesson at regular intervals. This can be done on site or as remote treatment. For remote treatments, I use modern work equipment, such as telephone, video conferencing, messenger apps, etc. Depending on the topic, the form of treatment (e.B. illumination; Extraction; Soul-Retrieval, Cord Cutting, Divination; etc.). I explain the procedure individually and personally.

Being allowed to die consciously / Assisted dying:  Dying is only a transformation, a transition from the material, earthly world to the state of mind, to the spirit world, to "heaven". In the process, the energy body (soul) detaches from its physical body. Ancient cultures have always known the importance of this process. In the Western world, this was largely lost over time. We know a lot about childbirth, but little about conscious dying. The Shamanic Medical Men and Women know tools and rituals to accompany the conscious transition. This support can be experienced when the farewell is announced, in the last hour and even after death.If interested, I will explain the procedure in a preliminary discussion.

Independent self-medication: The more I deal with the practice of healing in the spiritual sense, I realize how important it is for clients (and also for myself) to address and offer supposedly unspiritual topics such as nutrition and self-medication free of side effects. Since basically everything is energy and nutrition is therefore energy supply or energy exchange, in a holistic therapy view it is very important what we eat, how this affects body (symptoms) and mind energetically and what potentials can arise in a sustainable behavior change and what parapharmaceutical possibilities exist for the treatment of complaints without having to consult a conventional physician and without industrial pharmaceuticals , manufactured according to the current procedures. It is clear that in my statement I exclude situations of acute trauma, which necessarily require a massive intervention with Western conventional medicine and associated pharmacy! The offer that I integrate integrally into my treatments is the information about the possibilities of self-medication with homeopathic preparations, Bach flowers, Schüssler salts, envelopes   and ointments with ingredients from nature, which are not subject to any distribution restrictions.