Bodywork & Massages

“…This energetic-spiritual healing work reconciles body, mind and soul…”

The Inka Stone Massage is an ancient and traditional stone massage of the Incas. In the worldview of the shamans, the stones represented the mediator between heaven and earth, between the sun and mother earth. The hand movements of the Inca stone massage were created in close connection with their animal and god world. These support the effect in an energetic way. The ceremony was always accompanied by music from the Andes and the rainforests of South America. This energetic-spiritual healing work brings body, mind and soul into harmony. High-quality oils and aromatic substances are used for the massage, as well as heated or cool river stones, selected gemstones, feathers and incense with various resins and herbs. The power animals of the Incas accompany us through the massage in the form of special hand movements and support the clients in their individual healing process. The massage begins on the back, that is from the perspective of the Incas in the past. Layer by layer, the old and the disused are removed and diverted. Old obstructive patterns and blockages can be let go of and say goodbye. Free from disabilities it continues at the front. The front represents the present and the future. The chakras are cleansed and the energies are brought to flow. Calmer music accompanies us, allows clients to arrive at themselves so that they can live their full potential again. The massage helps to reduce stress, find one’s own center, build and strengthen self-healing powers, relaxation and well-being, improve sleep disorders, strengthen self-confidence and self-confidence, reduce blockages of all kinds, strengthen the joy of life, promote letting go.
(Duration with rest time approx. 1½ hours)

A second variant that I like to use is the Mapuche Sandbag Massage. The course of this treatment begins like the Inca Stone Massage. In contrast to this, no oil is used, so it is worked “dry” with cloth bags which are filled with sand of different grain sizes and which are mostly made warm and hot for treatment in the oven (stovepipe or on previously heated, large stones). During this ritual treatment, the entire back of the body is massaged, kneaded and the sandbags are moved intuitively and rhythmically on the client’s skin with more or less pressure, different pace and repetitive movements, alternating small areas or large areas. This treatment is generally experienced as cleansing, balancing and invigorating. (Duration with rest time approx. 1 ½ hours).