about me.

Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner . Mediumistic Coach . Health Coach

I was born on May 8th, 1964 in the sign of Taurus. I was probably always very curious as a child and a little more sensitive than others. Nevertheless, I only developed my interest in spiritual topics, mediumship and healing topics much later. I had a very normal school career, with the usual ups and downs, nothing out of the ordinary. No accidents, no near-death experiences, no early clearvoyance to see deceased people. I learned 6 languages ​​but didn’t get my Abitur. I did an apprentiship in tailoring out of interest in beautiful things, worked in the fashion industry in the 1980s, later completed my master’s degree in business administration and managed the business areas of large trading companies for over 25 years. I think I first came into direct contact with the spirit world when I was around 18 and experienced that there is much more than what is written in school books. I began to learn how to use pendulums, to work with homeopathy, Schuessler salts and Bach flowers. This is how the journey to becoming an energy medicine practitioner, a mediumistic coach, and a shaman began. I have trained my clairvoyance and mediumistic abilities for many years, I was trained by shamans of different origins. In particular, the qualification as a “shamanic energy medicine practitioner” with Alberto Villoldo characterizes my work today. I love bringing shamanic energy medicine into modern day life. My clients are happy because I can open doors for them to new paths to health. I enjoy teaching complementary health topics. Today, after more than 40 years, I am a coach and companion for people in health and life crises, for people who want to break new ground to create and maintain health. I combine shamanic energy medicine, mediumistic insights, nutritional optimization, natural pharmacy elements and sometimes soul oracle readings for the healing processes of my clients. I work in my practice Medium.One (www.mediumone.ch) in Bad Zurzach or via Zoom and Skype also regularly internationally in D/F/E/I. Every year I deepen my knowledge and skills in further training and supervision in order to be able to treat and accompany with high quality at all times.

  • Master in Business Administration MSc. – University of Wales Cardiff
  • Raesthesia at Abbé A. Mermet / Dr. Oberbach (Bio-Tensor)
  • Paracelsus-Heilpraktikerschule Regensburg (Certificate Shamanic Healing Work)
  • Enrique Hübner (Practicing Andean Shamanism)
  • Madeleine Andersen (Diploma Inkastone Massages)
  • Arlette Widmer (Diploma, Spiritual Healing & Trance Healing)
  • Pascal Voggenhuber (Basic Training Sensitive/Medial consultant)
  • Pascal Voggenhuber (Diploma Sensitiver/Medialer Consultant)
  • Sheila French (Media Trance)
  • Mychael Shane (Media Trance)
  • Tim Abbott (Evidence)
  • Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner (four winds society / light body school USA)
  • Munai Ki – Rites and Initiations (four winds society / light body school USA) Masterclass
  • Advanced Shamanic Techniques (four winds society / light body school USA) Masterclass
  • Healing the dark side (four winds society / light body school USA) Masterclass