Valentin Lüthi Msc.

Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner . Mediumistic Coach . Health Coach

In 1984 I was able to experience intensely for the first time that there is more when you find the courage to look “outside the box”. That there is a spiritual world at work that neither wants to hide behind religion nor denomination and that there are universal principles of creation that cannot be ignored. At that time I primarily learned to work with the rod, I was allowed to instruct myself in the art of radiesthesia (sensitive work with rod and pendulum) and experienced that. I can use it not only to measure earth energies, but also to have healing applications and have medication checked for correctness. Over the years I have been able to test and apply this sustainably on (domestic) animals and fellow human beings (including my own children). In 2009 I was allowed to receive a basic training in Inca (Andean) shamanism, which gave my spiritual work an intensive boost. I learned a number of indigenous techniques and methods. I then got a taste of kinesiology and discovered the new homeopathy according to Körbler for my work. From 2013 I was with Pascal Voggenhuber and Arlette Widmer in ongoing training and further education for sensitive and mediumistic work according to the rules of English spiritualism, which gives me a lot of joy and supports my heart path. For the energy medicine work I have found an intellectual mentor in Alberto Villoldo who knows how to combine ancient Andean shamanic healing techniques with an understanding of modern western (quantum) medicine. I was initiated and trained in the lineage of the Quero shamans of Peru. Every year I deepen my knowledge and skills in further training and supervision in order to be able to treat and support with high quality at all times.

  • Master in Business Administration MSc. – University of Wales Cardiff
  • Raesthesia at Abbé A. Mermet / Dr. Oberbach (Bio-Tensor)
  • Paracelsus-Heilpraktikerschule Regensburg (Certificate Shamanic Healing Work)
  • Enrique Hübner (Practicing Andean Shamanism)
  • Madeleine Andersen (Diploma Inkastone Massages)
  • Arlette Widmer (Diploma, Spiritual Healing & Trance Healing)
  • Pascal Voggenhuber (Basic Training Sensitive/Medial consultant)
  • Pascal Voggenhuber (Diploma Sensitiver/Medialer Consultant)
  • Sheila French (Media Trance)
  • Mychael Shane (Media Trance)
  • Tim Abbott (Evidence)
  • Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner (four winds society / light body school USA)
  • Munai Ki – Rites and Initiations (four winds society / light body school USA) Masterclass
  • Advanced Shamanic Techniques (four winds society / light body school USA) Masterclass
  • Healing the dark side (four winds society / light body school USA) Masterclass